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Total whois records in our dataset: 395,992 domain names, from 346,333 whenever registered (data coverage: 114.34%)

.ro is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Romania. It is administered by the National Institute for R&D in Informatics. Our dataset includes information for including .ro .com.ro .org.ro .info.ro .tm.ro .nt.ro .firm.ro .arts.ro .store.ro subzones and has 395,992 records.
100 Sample records:

Domain Status Nameservers Created Updated Expires Registar Registrant AdministrativeContact
google.ro UpdateProhibited ns1.google.com
2000-07-17 MarkMonitor Inc.
olx.ro OK dns3.allegro.pl
2006-03-22 CSC Corporate Domains
emag.ro OK ns2.emag.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
filelist.ro OK zara.ns.cloudflare.com
2007-08-10 ICI – ROTLD
adevarul.ro OK ns-975.awsdns-57.net
2006-12-11 ICI – ROTLD
stirileprotv.ro OK ns.protv.ro
2006-07-31 ICI – ROTLD
gsp.ro OK ns1.mysport.ro
2007-04-02 ICI – ROTLD
libertatea.ro OK mx.expres.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
hotnews.ro OK ns-943.awsdns-53.net
2006-07-06 Webdev SRL
cinemagia.ro OK ns1.work.ro
2000-10-30 ICI – ROTLD
okazii.ro OK ns-cloud-e1.googledomains.com
2003-10-23 Gazduire Web SRL
rol.ro OK ns1.rol.ro
2003-02-05 ICI – ROTLD
evz.ro OK mx.expres.ro
2001-12-19 ICI – ROTLD
cancan.ro OK lee.ns.cloudflare.com
2007-03-27 ICI – ROTLD
altex.ro OK pdns05.domaincontrol.com
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
flashscore.ro OK ns1.edrive-hosting.cz
2006-11-16 ICI – ROTLD
prosport.ro OK ns.mediafax.ro
2007-12-21 IPv4 Management SRL
digi24.ro OK ns1.rdsnet.ro
2011-10-18 ICI – ROTLD
sport.ro OK ns.protv.ro
2004-08-12 ICI – ROTLD
stiripesurse.ro OK ns1.chrominance.ro
2013-12-26 ICI – ROTLD
antena3.ro OK gina.ns.cloudflare.com
2004-08-16 ICI – ROTLD
digisport.ro OK ns1.rdsnet.ro
2009-03-27 ICI – ROTLD
homebank.ro OK ns1.rdsnet.ro
2005-11-17 ICI – ROTLD
autovit.ro OK dns3.allegro.pl
2007-01-19 CSC Corporate Domains
pcgarage.ro OK f1.pcgarage.ro
2005-04-11 ICI – ROTLD
infoalert.ro OK ns4.romarg.com
2015-07-22 Romarg Srl
netbet.ro OK ns1.eurodns.com
2008-10-14 Eurodns SA
mediafax.ro OK ns.mediafax.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
rcs-rds.ro OK ns1.rdsnet.ro
2005-08-18 ICI – ROTLD
elefant.ro OK ns1.p09.dynect.net
2002-09-05 ICI – ROTLD
click.ro OK ns-131.awsdns-16.com
2007-05-23 ICI – ROTLD
cel.ro OK ns1.host-age.ro
2004-08-02 ICI – ROTLD
orange.ro OK ns1.rdsnet.ro
2001-11-28 CSC Corporate Domains
zf.ro OK ns.mediafax.ro
2007-10-12 IPv4 Management SRL
bzi.ro OK ns2.bzi.ro
2008-03-28 ICI – ROTLD
dexonline.ro OK ns1.elvsoft.net
2003-10-24 ICI – ROTLD
descopera.ro OK ns.mediafax.ro
2005-12-12 IPv4 Management SRL
lajumate.ro OK nsa.lajumate.ro
2014-07-26 ICI – ROTLD
avocatnet.ro OK ns.globalis.ro
2001-04-27 SoftHost
2parale.ro OK glen.ns.cloudflare.com
2008-07-14 Webdev SRL
dedeman.ro OK ns1.dedeman.ro
2001-04-23 ICI – ROTLD
compari.ro OK ns1.arukereso.com
2005-09-28 ICI – ROTLD
wowbiz.ro OK ns1.gamesreview.ro
2012-09-19 ICI – ROTLD
ejobs.ro OK ns.globalis.ro
2006-06-05 ICI – ROTLD
imobiliare.ro OK ns-1874.awsdns-42.co.uk
2005-06-20 ICI – ROTLD
a1.ro OK nsa.a1.ro
2010-08-16 ICI – ROTLD
fanatik.ro OK host1.ameriza.ro
2004-09-22 ICI – ROTLD
unica.ro OK mx.expres.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
spynews.ro DeleteProhibited
2013-03-23 ICI – ROTLD
shopmania.ro OK dns1.stabletransit.com
2005-05-16 Romarg SRL
sfatulmedicului.ro OK ns1.activesoft.ro
2008-04-23 ICI – ROTLD
publi24.ro OK ns-too.tele.net
2009-07-13 ICI – ROTLD
protv.ro OK ns1.protv.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
nosteam.ro OK ns1.nosteam.ro
2012-05-13 ICI – ROTLD
990.ro DeleteProhibited
2009-10-14 SC NSHOST SRL
bestjobs.ro OK ns1.neogen.ro
2000-10-02 Zooku Solutions SRL
gov.ro UpdateProhibited ns1.stsisp.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
profitshare.ro OK ns1.profitshare.ro
2010-03-16 ICI – ROTLD
price.ro OK ns.gtstelecom.ro
2003-07-31 ICI – ROTLD
zoso.ro OK ns-639.awsdns-15.net
2006-09-05 ICI – ROTLD
trafic.ro OK dns.gazduire.ro
2008-05-08 Gazduire Web SRL
btrl.ro OK ns1.btrl.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
hotfiles.ro OK igor.ns.cloudflare.com
2010-04-21 Clax Telecom
dcnews.ro OK alan.ns.cloudflare.com
2010-04-29 Claus Web SRL
4tuning.ro OK ns1.activesoft.ro
2002-09-24 Gazduire Web SRL
vodafone.ro OK ns1.vodafonenet.ro
2000-12-28 ICI – ROTLD
tpu.ro OK ns-381.awsdns-47.com
2008-07-14 ICI – ROTLD
poki.ro OK ns-248.awsdns-31.com
2015-01-08 Internetworx Ltd. & Co.KG
csid.ro OK ns.mediafax.ro
2005-10-26 IPv4 Management SRL
timesnewroman.ro OK cp00.ines.ro
2009-07-24 ICI – ROTLD
regielive.ro OK pdns05.domaincontrol.com
2002-05-21 ICI – ROTLD
eva.ro OK ns1.work.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
jurnalul.ro OK nsa.jurnalul.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
just.ro OK ns1.stsisp.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
lidl.ro OK ns5-65.akam.net
2006-06-13 Eurodns SA
kudika.ro OK ns.globalis.ro
2006-02-02 IPv4 Management SRL
evomag.ro OK ns.distinctgroup.net
2006-02-09 ICI – ROTLD
capital.ro OK mx.expres.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
port.ro OK ns1.astral.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
voceatransilvaniei.ro OK ns3.mandarine.com
2013-10-28 Claus Web SRL
b1.ro OK nsx.b1.ro
2001-01-22 ICI – ROTLD
evadeaza.ro OK ns2.funelf.net
2007-12-04 ICI – ROTLD
computergames.ro OK ns0.cgo.ro
2005-06-23 ICI – ROTLD
cursbnr.ro OK ns1.cursbnr.ro
2005-12-13 ICI – ROTLD
anaf.ro OK ns1.mfinante.ro
2008-04-16 ICI – ROTLD
playtech.ro OK ns.distinctgroup.net
2009-05-05 ICI – ROTLD
telekom.ro OK ns1.telekom.ro
2001-03-07 ICI – ROTLD
listafirme.ro OK ns.borgdesign.ro
2004-10-20 ICI – ROTLD
sentimente.ro OK ns1.machteamsoft.ro
2006-08-16 ICI – ROTLD
kanald.ro OK ns-1.ines.ro
2006-08-14 ICI – ROTLD
f64.ro OK ns-1923.awsdns-48.co.uk
2005-02-10 ICI – ROTLD
anuntul.ro OK ns1.anuntul.ro
1969-12-31 ICI – ROTLD
romedic.ro OK ns1.smartline.ro
2004-08-27 ICI – ROTLD
perfecte.ro OK ns.protv.ro
2009-10-12 ICI – ROTLD
vezi-online.ro OK emma.ns.cloudflare.com
2014-05-04 ICI – ROTLD
wall-street.ro OK ns.globalis.ro
2005-10-18 ICI – ROTLD
mediagalaxy.ro OK pdns05.domaincontrol.com
2003-11-04 ICI – ROTLD
trilulilu.ro OK kara.ns.cloudflare.com
2007-10-09 ICI – ROTLD
seopedia.ro OK ns1.solutiiweb.com
2005-07-09 SoftHost

You can also download .ro zone file with More than 346,333 domains included.

Release date: February 5, 2017
Last updated:May 1, 2018
Software application type: Database
File format: .csv

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