Deleted/Expired domains list

Historically Expired/Deleted or Dropped domain names list

At we are continuously monitoring a thousand TLDs and getting thousands of expired/deleted domains every month. The reasons for domains expiration/deletion could be different. Some of them were simply forgotten by the owners, they got out of business or moved to another domain. For most of the internet users, there is no value in them. But for those, who knows something about SEO, Backlinks building, Domain Authority and PBNs they are like a pure gold lying on the street. And we don’t mind to share such a lists with you. Of course, it’s not an easy job to go over millions of domains to find worthing ones, but that’s what all gold miners do.

The list includes all expired/deleted domains we found since we’ve started TLDs monitoring, in case you need fresh daily Expired/Deleted domains you can find them at our Lists Updates & Zone Changes Downloads section.

more than 104,162,036 domains.

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Release date: January 2, 2017
Last updated:November 1, 2018
Software application type: Database
File format: .csv

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