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Random Sample Selection of 100K Domains

Random Sample Selection of 100,000 Domain Names In case you want to test a crawler, verify marketing ideas, or just check out our dataset we prepared a random dataset which includes 100,000 of domain names.

Second-level domains list

Second-level domain names list/zone file download The list includes about 20M of second-level domains fetched from our database. It includes second-level domains from all the zone files we have.

The Moz Top 500

The table below contains a list of the top 500 web pages ranked by the number of linking root domains.

List of second-level domains

The most complete list of the domains of the first and second levels. Includes both ICANN, and private sections.

List of top-level domains

The most complete and current list of domains in the top (first) level introduced into the zone on the root servers * Can be used to check the validity of domains.