Python Script for Getting Data You Need From Domain Names Lists

9 August 2016

Tips for Using the Domains Index’s Lists

Today I would want to show you an interesting way of getting the data you need for your сustomized request. It is super easy!
For example, if you need to have the list with all domain names which contain in their names the word “domains”, using the script below and any of our domain lists you want to analyze, you can get a bunch of files with scattered statistics and selected data. Just install the script and put “your request description” and a domain list you recently bought from us (for example, the whole ccTLD list CSV file) into the script:

The results of the script are combined in four CSV files:

1. List of domain names consisting from query keyword(sample list_of_tlds_with_full_domains):

fullnames list

2. List of domain names containing a query keyword (sample list_of_tlds_with_partially_domains):


3. List of zones (TLDs), were domains names are consisting from the whole keyword are still available for registration (sample list_of_tlds_withoutdomains):


4. Statistical information for all TLDs about names consisting or containing query keyword (sample usage_of_domains_statistics):

usegeof in names

So, you simply could have very helpful information with alive names according to your demand.

Enjoy and give us your feedback about how useful do you find it and how you used it in everyday tasks.

Thanks and have a good one!

Eugene Vakhteev

Domains Index co-founder