.au  Registered Domain Names List / .au zone file

.au (Australia) Registered Domain Names List / .au zone file

Oversight of .au is by .au Domain Administration (auDA). It is a not-for-profit organisation whose membership is derived from Internet organisations, industry members and interested individuals. The organisation operates under the consent of the Australian government which has legislative power to decide the operators of electronic addressing in the country.

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Policy for .au is devised by policy development panels. These panels are convened by auDA and combine public input with industry representation to derive policy.

The day-to-day operation of the .au registry technical facility is tendered out by auDA. The operator from 2002 to 2006 for many of .au’s second-level domains isAusRegistry.

The registry does not sell directly to the consumer, who must register and maintain their domain name via a domain name registrar. After the industry’s liberalisation in 2002, there is an active competitive market in registrars with a variety of prices and services.

In 2008 auDA changed its longstanding policy and allowed changes in ownership of .au domains. Although the secondary market was initially slow to take off there have recently been signs of increasing maturity in the .au aftermarket culminating in the record $125,500 sale of investmentproperty.com.au. The auDA ISS is a world-first industry initiative aimed at improving the security of .au registrar businesses, protecting .au registrants and enhancing the overall stability and integrity of the .au domain space. auDA introduced the ISS in October 2013 as a mandatory requirement, and all accredited registrars must be certified as ISS complaint within 24 months. Discount Domain Name services (DDNS), Cheaper Domains and Information Brokers, part of the Total Internet Group, are the first three auDA accredited registrars to achieve ISS compliance.


It is no longer possible to register directly in the second level of .au (such as mycompany.au). The naming rules for .au require registrations under second-level categories that describe a type of entity. .com.au, for example, is designed for commercial entities. This follows a similar allocation policy to that formerly used in other countries such as the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Second-level domains

  1. .com.au – Commercial entities
  2. .net.au – Commercial entities (historically only ISPs, but the use has been broadened)
  3. .org.au – Associations and non-profit organisation (historically only for organisations that did not fit in other categories)
  4. .edu.au – Educational institutions (see Third-level domains, below)
  5. .gov.au – Governments and their departments (see Third-level domains, below)
  6. .csiro.au – CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
  7. .asn.au – Associations and non-profit organisations
  8. .id.au – Individuals (by real name or common alias)


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including .au .com.au .net.au .gov.au .edu.au .org.au .id.au .asn.au .nsw.au .vic.au .sa.au .qld.au .oz.au

More than 1,511,507 +18 domains included.

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