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.mm (Myanmar) Registered Domain Names List Download / .mm zone file

A company run by two Australian expatriates in Myanmar, Eagle Group, set up the first Internet access to Myanmar in 1997. They contracted with British company called Digiserve based in High Wycombe, United Kingdom, to provide DNS services for .mm. All .mm DNS queries were handled by Digiserve’s two name servers acting as root name servers for .mm, ns1.digiserve.com andns2.digiserve.com respectively. In 1999, Eagle Group’s service was shut down by the Burmese government.

Afterwards, these two servers then delegated the SOA authority of .com.mm, .net.mm, .edu.mm and org.mm TLDs to the two name servers managed by Myanmar Posts and Telecommuncations, ns0.mpt.net.mm and ns1.mpt.net.mm, both servers were located in Yangon.

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including .mm .com.mm .gov.mm .net.mm

More than 8 domains included.

.mm domain names list

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