.su (Soviet Union (Russia)) Registered Domains List Download / .su zone file

.su (Soviet Union (Russia)) Registered Domains List Download / .su zone file

.su was assigned as the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Soviet Union on 19 September 1990. Even though the Soviet Union itself was dissolved a mere 15 months later, the .su top-level domain remains in use today. It is administered by the Russian Institute for Public Networks (RIPN, or RosNIIROS in Russian transcription).

Before the creation of the Soviet domain there were only a few Internet pages in the USSR, mostly belonging to university colleges.

After 1989 a set of new internet domains was created in Europe, including .pl (Poland), .cs (Czechoslovakia), .yu (Yugoslavia) and.dd (East Germany). Among them, there was also a domain for the USSR – .su. Initially, before two-letter ccTLDs became standard, the Soviet Union was to receive a .ussr domain. The .su domain was proposed by the then-19-year-old Finnish student Petri Ojala. On December 26, 1991, the country formally ceased to exist and its constituent republics gained independence, which should have caused the domain to begin a phase-out process, as happened with those of East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. Until 1993, there was no assigned top-level domain name for Russia. For this reason, the country continued to use the Soviet domain. In 1993, the .ru domain was created, which is supposed to eventually replace the .su domain (domains for the republics other than Russia were created at different times in the mid-nineties; however, the domain usage outside the Russian region is slim). The domain was supposed to be withdrawn by ICANN, but it was kept at the request of the Russian government and Internet users.

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including .su .spb.su .msk.su .nov.su .tula.su .krasnodar.su .jambyl.su .bukhara.su .tashkent.su .penza.su .kurgan.su .lenug.su .sochi.su .bashkiria.su .chimkent.su .khakassia.su .murmansk.su .karacol.su .adygeya.su .arkhangelsk.su .abkhazia.su .aktyubinsk.su .bryansk.su .ashgabad.su .east-kazakhstan.su .exnet.su .karelia.su .kalmykia.su .kaluga.su .ivanovo.su .kustanai.su .mangyshlak.su .north-kazakhstan.su .tuva.su .pokrovsk.su .nalchik.su .karaganda.su .togliatti.su .obninsk.su .vologda.su .troitsk.su .mordovia.su .grozny.su .vladimir.su .balashov.su .navoi.su .georgia.su .tselinograd.su .termez.su .vladikavkaz.su .dagestan.su .azerbaijan.su .armenia.su

More than 114,853 +2,067 domains included.

.su domains list

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