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.ua (Ukraine) Registered Domain Names List Download / .ua zone file

.ua is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Ukraine.

.ua domains activity
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December 1, 1992 – Registered in root zone
April 13, 2012 – DNSSEC enabled in root zone
2nd level domains

To remove the risk of cyber squatting, registration of second-level domains directly below .ua is restricted to owners of registered trade marks, who may register a domain name similar to that of the trade mark in question. However you can register third-level domains beneath some of the following:

  1. com.ua – paid, commercial organisations, one of the most popular
  2. edu.ua – free, available only to proved educational organisations.
  3. gov.ua – free, available only to governmental organisations
  4. net.ua – paid, network service providers
  5. in.ua – paid, domains for individuals
  6. at.ua – paid, domains for individuals
  7. pp.ua – free, domains for individuals
  8. org.ua – paid, other organisations (non-commercial), individuals


There are also second-level domains which are region-specific. These are less popular than the above list (making domain names more available) but they are sometimes restricted to organisations exclusively from within the region.

cherkassy.ua (also: ck.ua) – Cherkasy Oblast
chernigov.ua (cn.ua) – Chernihiv Oblast
chernovtsy.ua (cv.ua) – Chernivtsi Oblast
crimea.ua – Crimea
dnepropetrovsk.ua (dp.ua) – Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
donetsk.ua (dn.ua) – Donetsk Oblast
ivano-frankivsk.ua (if.ua) – Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
kharkov.ua (kh.ua) – Kharkiv Oblast
kherson.ua (ks.ua) – Kherson Oblast
khmelnitskiy.ua (km.ua) – Khmelnytskyi Oblast
kiev.ua – Kiev

kirovograd.ua (kr.ua) – Kirovohrad Oblast
lugansk.ua (lg.ua) – Luhansk Oblast
lutsk.ua (lt.ua) – Lutsk
lviv.ua – Lviv Oblast
nikolaev.ua (mk.ua) – Mykolaiv
odessa.ua (od.ua) – Odessa Oblast
poltava.ua (pl.ua) – Poltava Oblast
rovno.ua (rv.ua) – Rivne Oblast
sebastopol.ua – Sevastopol
yalta.ua – Yalta
sumy.ua – Sumy Oblast
ternopil.ua (te.ua) – Ternopil Oblast
uzhgorod.ua (uz.ua) – Uzhhorod
vinnica.ua (vn.ua) – Vinnytsia Oblast
zaporizhzhe.ua (zp.ua) – Zaporizhia Oblast
zhitomir.ua (zt.ua) – Zhytomyr Oblast

download .ua zone file


including .ua .com.ua .net.ua .org.ua .kiev.ua .gov.ua .dp.ua .lg.ua .in.ua .dn.ua .mk.ua .od.ua .cn.ua .pp.ua .edu.ua .at.ua .zp.ua .co.ua .kh.ua .rv.ua .ck.ua .biz.ua .lviv.ua .if.ua .pl.ua .ks.ua .ho.ua .te.ua .uz.ua .vn.ua .cv.ua .kr.ua .io.ua .km.ua .zt.ua .prom.ua .i.ua .kharkov.ua

More than 275,320 domains included.

.ua registered domain names list

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