Even Domain Names Have Seasonality

27 October 2016

Going over our database I’m just got a funny question, are domains have some seasonality in registrations which influences the whole domainers, web design, SEO and other internet related companies and agencies. It’s pretty obvious that domain name is just a starting point for all that services all of us (IT techs) provide. So, I just created a python script to go over all whois DB we have and calculate the number of domains registered monthly for all the years, which came out in that figures:

Month # Domains Registred
Jan 2,627,273
Feb 8,467,117
Mar 6,337,168
Apr 4,611,584
May 722,177
Jun 685,520
Jul 568,599
Aug 482,043
Sep 5,273,372
Oct 6,130,079
Nov 8,423,057
Dec 3,234,322
Total in DB 47,562,311

Domain Names Registration Seasonality Chart

Just look at that chart! There are two peaks each year when people from all over the world are starting to register new domains, create websites and go over all that IT activities. Have that chart in mind when you are planning your web-focused business development or even vacations! It looks like IT guys are pretty lucky ones – you have a huge drop in that during summer, so most of you can close the companies and go to Hawaii for example for the whole summer. 🙂

Eugene Vakhteev

Domains Index co-founder