FAQ: Domain Lists Datasets

5 October 2016

May I have some sample domains?

Sure, you can download Free lists here.

I just placed an order but have not received anything yet.

If you have any questions or troubles with purchasing, please check your spam folder or let us know immediately, and we contact you back shortly.

What is the procedure of getting files I want to purchase?

After a purchase completion, we send you a Purchase Receipt via email with the link(s) to download your files. For a one-time purchased list, a link is valid for 24 hours, while subscriptions for updates include a static HTTPS download link with login credentials, where you can download the lists of Daily/Monthly updates from zone file domains, depending on Updating Plan you chose. The lists themselves are flat text files, one for each zone, containing only domain names (one per line).

The recent email said that the domains were updated on the 1st day of a month, where can I find those?

Please check all updates at our website.

Is there another place to get the updates, instead of the entire set of domain names?

We are working on API now, where you will be able to get any updates for any period for any zone, but we are going to release it in a month or so.

Do you include emails into the domain lists?


Do you have the contact details of domains registered?


Please advise whether the purchase is including updates?

No. You should buy it separately.

If I subscribe to your monthly updates (let’s say I do both lists for $69), how long is that for? Is that an annual fee?

It’s the price of monthly updating for $69/per month.
Unfortunately, for now, we do not offer any annual subscription.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please contact our support team.

Can you please explain to me, how you have collected the different lists?

For more information, check How We Collect Domain Names For Our Datasets in our blog.

How accurate are your ccTLD lists?

As we said before, next to nothing of ccTLD zone registries offer access to full zone file with an entire list of registered domains. We use some mix of reverse engineering algorithms, Internet crawling, and third-party sources such as Commoncrawl.org to fetch all possible ccTLD domains. Nevertheless, there is no way to get 100% of registered domains. Regarding the lists actuality, we check all domains for NS records, and if there are no NS servers on file, we mark those domains as a dead and then delete them from our database. We do our best to ensure that ccTLD domains represented in our DB are fresh and accurate, but for sure it’s impossible to make it 100% accurate.


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